Documenting My Desires

Well, this is something I have been wanting to start for a while. Between my love for fashion, fitness routines, gluten-free endeavors, and beauty finds, I made the decision to take action–just blog about it!

As often as I love to write in deeper detail about the mysteries, discoveries, trials, and tribulations of life, this blog is a creation of my desire to share the little things in between, as a woman (makes me sound old) who journeys through life and takes pleasure in the small details.

My goal for this site is to share:

  • pretty-little-finds, from Target to Neiman’s and in between;
  • workout tips and inspiration, e.g. pics of the beach and such 😉
  • favorite beauty finds/tips and tricks
  • healthy food finds that correspond with my decision to cut out sugar, gluten, and dairy (this also may be for accountability)
  • occasionally, some of my own reflections on life and everything it encompasses

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” William Shakespeare

Much love,



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