Ah, V-Day memories. The earliest I have are those from 2nd grade, when we would have parties and place cards and candy into each other’s “boxes” (and blush a little when we got to our secret crush’s box). Ya know, even though I’m single, I can’t help but love all of the pink and red hearts, bouquets, and chocolate treats that make everyone go googly-eyed and putΒ way too much pressure on men to buy their boo a gift.

That being said, I also think it’s a really wonderful time to remember the blessings in each of our lives, as we are surrounded by those who love us, romantically or not.

So in regards to the picture, I recently sampled the Rosa Regale sparkling red wine in the grocery store, mostly because it was paired next to my favorite Prosecco (wine happens to be my favorite, typical girl I guess) and fell in l-o-v-e. I’m not normally a fan of sweet wines, but this one is just the perfect level of sweetness infused with an aftertaste of whimsical bubbles. How perfectly lovely and romantic. Although a bit pricier than your average bottle, I definitely recommend trying!

I celebrated Valentine’s today with my beautiful mother, getting our nails done festively for the holiday, because why not. If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, don’t fret! Spend time with your friends, or family, or cuddle with your puppy or your kitten. Go get your nails done. Pop some champagne. Go see a movie (not a chick flick–done that before, it doesn’t end well). Enjoy it. If you’re not, enjoy the company of someone you love and hold them tight.

Much love to you and yours πŸ™‚



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